Mrs. Lorraine Drennan Leads Our Musical Ministry

Lorraine as our Musical Director plans and organizes all the folks who participate in the worship/musical portion of our services. Lorraine often organizes Choirs and Seasonal musical events. Live Music is also planned for our smaller church The House of Hope on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Members of the various worship Teams

  • Robert MacSween (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals/Tech)
  • Steve Welsh (Worship Leader/Bass/Vocals)
  • Shelly Welsh (Vocals)
  • Michael Gravelle (Drums)
  • Dave Meldrum (Vocals)
  • Margie Mason (Vocals/Percussion)
  • Dave Wood (Worship Leader/Vocals/Guitar)
  • Edeta Verzasa (Vocals)
  • Lorraine Drennan (Music Director/Keys/Piano/Organ/Vocals)
  • Johanne Gravelle (Vocals/Projection)
  • Jonathan Morris (Worship Leader/Keys/Vocals/Tech)
  • Mick Lussier (Keys/Vocals)
  • Mike Viallancourt (Projection)
  • Lyle Humphrys (Sound)
  • James Stitchman (Projection)
  • Our Youth (Readings)

Selections Played on July 7, 2019