About Us


Senior Pastor: Rev. James C. Drennan

Pastor Jim Drennan

Worship Director: Lorraine Drennan

Mrs Lorraine Drennan Music Director

Church Administrative Assistant: Position Filled with variety of Volunteers

Board of Directors:

Church Affiliation

First Baptist Church is affiliated with the Fellowship Evangelical Baptist organization (FEB). The FEB organization is a movement of over 500 Evangelical Baptist churches in Canada — united through our faith in Christ — working nationally and beyond our borders.

History of the Baptist Church

Baptists, originally known as Anabaptists (rebaptized), is derived from the name given to Christians who were baptized after they made a profession of faith, rather than being baptized as infants. Puritan refugees from England founded the first English speaking Baptist Church in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The first Baptist churches in Canada were in Atlantic Canada, Sackville, Nova Scotia, then New Brunswick in 1763, then Wolfville and Horton Nova Scotia in 1765-1766. In Ontario and Quebec, American ministers in the Eastern Townships planted the first churches in 1794 and in Beamsville, Upper Canada, in 1796.

Baptist ministry in Cornwall dates back to the 1840s, with our church being formally established as the “Regular Baptist Church of Cornwall” in 1882.

Baptists use the Bible as the rule of faith, and believe that the Holy Spirit is present within every believer. Membership is by a profession of faith alone, recognized by water baptism by immersion symbolic of a transformation and a new life. In addition to baptism, the other ordinance is communion (a celebration of the Lord’s Supper).

Ministry is conceived as a service to which all disciples are called to make use of their gifts (the priesthood of all believers). The role of the Pastor is to preach, teach, counsel, train, and coordinate the ministries exercised by the members. Deacons are lay leaders elected from the local congregation to assist with pastoral care, communion, and general administration.

The belief in the local church is a central tenet of Baptists. Local churches have autonomy in decisions, statements of belief, calling of pastors, and all other matters.

Our Mission:

To reach people with the relevance of Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith:

We believe:

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God;
  • The Bible is free of error and is the final authority in matters of faith, character, and conduct;
  • The Creator (God) exists in three equal persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
  • God saves us from sin and adopts those who come to Him through a faith in Jesus Christ;
  • In the Deity of Jesus, His eternal existence, His virgin birth, sinless life, substitutionary death, resurrection and personal return to earth;
  • In the Holy Spirit who convicts of sin and comforts those who believe in Jesus;
  • In salvation by the grace of God obtained through faith and the sacrifice of Jesus; and
  • In the New Testament ordinances of Baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper.


To strengthen our community of faith as we pursue God’s mandate to develop mature Christians who are:

  • Cultivating intimacy with Jesus;
  • Clear in our identity as children of God;
  • Christ-like in our Character;
  • Connected in Community;
  • Contagious in active faith;
  • Committed to mission.

Core Values:

  • God glorifying;
  • Christ centred;
  • Spirit empowered;
  • Bible based

Strategy (Goals):

  • Passionate Spirituality;
  • Gift Oriented Ministry;
  • Effective Assimilation Pathways


We will:

  • Live out authentic lives;
  • Empower courageous leadership;
  • Affirm the priesthood of all believers;
  • Equip and encourage gift-oriented ministry;
  • Pursue excellence;
  • Be committed to accountability;
  • Be balanced in evangelism and discipleship;
  • Ensure healthy and loving environments;
  • Model healthy communication;
  • Seek strategic partnerships;
  • Encourage faithful stewardship;
  • Be courageous in Faith; and
  • Be passionate in Prayer.