Pre-Authorized Remittance Program

This morning we introduced you to our new Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) program for remitting your tithes and offerings. Forms are available at the main entrance and at the secretary’s desk. Please complete the form, attach a void cheque or complete the credit card information, and return the form to the church office for forwarding on to our service provider.

This program will allow you to give to the church on a regular monthly basis, just as many of us pay our bills via pre-authorized payments. We would ask that you use this for your giving to the church general fund. Any gifts you wish to make to any of our designated funds such as CBM, Christian Education, etc. should still be placed in an envelope in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. This is to accommodate the limitations of the reporting system used by our provider (the United Church of Canada) for this program.

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