Three Ways to Support Our Work

The month of June here at First Baptist Church in Cornwall has been designated “Stewardship Month”. During this month we ask that you prayerfully consider whether you are offering the appropriate support allowed by your circumstances. We ask that for at least this one month you look for ways to increase your financial support to assist us in meeting our financial obligations.

To assist you in providing financial support, we now offer three avenues for giving. You may continue to give your offering on Sunday morning during our worsship service. You may join our PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) program to have your offering debited directly from your bank account on the 20th of each month. You may now also contribute through our donation page either by clicking the button on the right side of every page on this site, or by visiting this link:

We also ask that you examine your non-monetary support of our work. Do you have a gift or talent for service in any area of the church? Would you be able to help with sound or LCD during the service once a month? Are you interested in working with our youth in Sunday School, Junior Congregation, or Wednesday (Junior), Friday (Senior) Youth Groups? Are you able to assist with visiting members of our congregation that may be hospitalized or otherwise shut-in? If any of these sound like areas you may be able to help out in, or if you have a desire to start a new ministry within the the church, contact the church office and we will connect you with the appropriate people to get you involved in your chosen ministry.

Stewardship is not just about how we use the financial resources God has provided us. It is also about using the talents He has given us to support His work in and through our church and to support each other as we all seek to further His kingdom in our community (local, provincial, national, global).

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