Life Groups

Join our Wednesday Evening Life Group. This group is led by Pastor Jim at our church in the parlour. Everyone who is new to Life Groups are welcome to attend. Please come you are welcome.

We have 5 Life Groups

They are essential to the church life of a follower…

Each Life Group meets on a regular basis (weekly/biweekly) at the home of a member. Fellowship, Education, Support, and snacks are provided in a friendly and nurturing setting. The meetings run from 1 hour to 2 hours depending upon the group. Contact us for more information.

Here at First Baptist, we believe that people benefit from experiencing God in small gatherings like those of the earliest Christians recorded in the bible, in the book of Acts. Therefore, we have different Life Groups meeting in homes throughout the Cornwall Area as well as at the church building on York St.

Each group provides the opportunity to form authentic relationships by sharing everyday life with others, and by getting involved in practical ways in the neighbourhood.

The following questions and answers will help you understand the benefits of joining a Life Group.

Who is in my group? Ideally, each group includes 8-12 people who live in the same area. Groups are multi-generational, with men and women, married couples and singles, from various backgrounds. This diversity allows you to draw on the wisdom of different life experiences – and share yours as well. It’s a perfect opportunity to invite a friend.

Who leads my group? Each group has a leader who is an attender or member of First Baptist, participating in either of the 2 campuses and who has leadership gifts, spiritual maturity and biblical knowledge. You will join a group that has an appointed leader(s), plus you may be someone interested in leadership training for our Life “Groups.

When and where do we meet? Each group will set it’s own meeting time and place – usually 2-4 times per month in the home of someone who has agreed to be a host. Groups are most meaningful when everyone makes a commitment to meet consistently.

What happens during group meetings? Life Group meeting provide a place to connect, catch-up as friends and enjoy a meal or refreshments, as well as to engage in meaningful discussion that helps you apply God’s Word to everyday life. Discussion is based partly on our weekly sermons, so you have the opportunity to re-examine what you heard from God’s Word and then decide how to put that into action. This is important because the scriptures teach us: Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” James 1:22. True learning requires doing, not merely remembering.

Some Life Groups will also be working through a series of Bible study guides. Sermon study questions may also be available weekly, updated in the form of sermon notes plus extra questions. Other groups will offer a variety of great topical and Bible-book studies.

Life Groups offer many benefits:

  • Loving our Neighbours by Serving
  • New healthy and supportive Relationships and Friendships
  • Prayer for each other
  • Help in understanding teaching/scripture
  • Group Support when applying scripture to your life
  • Group Support as you navigate difficult seasons in your life
  • Being connected to others who believe.
  • Prayer Growth
  • Sharing Christ
  • Building Confidence