Live Stream Technology

Are you interested in the technology which is required to do a First Baptist Live Stream? What follows is a collection of photos which show all the equipment needed..

Well to begin, You need a good Video Camera and a tripod… The camera provides HDMI output which must be converted to USB3 for the laptop.

This special device converts HDMI from the video camera into USB3 which the computer can work with… Also This device allows monitoring and injection of audio from microphones and our Roland RD-800 stage piano.

In order to get one source of audio, we need a mixer which will combine all the microphones and piano… This device has 16 inputs of which we use only 6…

This is the wiring for the rear of the audio mixer… LOTS of wires… The six inputs are seen all side-by-side in a row… Lecturn Mic, Vocalist 1, Vocalist 2, Piano Mic, and two inputs for the stage piano as it has a stereo output.

Ya need a monitor speaker for the stage folks.

Ya need another monitor speaker for the person who looks after the projection computer in the sound booth. That computer shows the announcement slides, song lyrics, and slides for the pastor’s message.

This is a 32 inch monitor provided for the person standing at the lectern. This person can use this monitor to see the video from our camera mounted on the tripod.

This is the view Pastor Jim has from the Lectern. Look carefully you can see the camera pointing right at him.

This is the 55″ TV from the youth room and it is used to show the announcement slides, song lyrics, and the pastor’s slides for his message.

This is the table where the laptop sits… Pastor Jim uses his own laptop for our live streams. The laptop runs software called VMix. The software allows us to mix our video, on-stage audio, video clips, and title bars among other things into one video source for FaceBook Live… The laptop connects to the Global Internet and Facebook Live via our church wireless connection. For the technical people out there, the laptop has an I5 quad processor, running at 2.4Ghz… The headphones allows us to monitor the audio going out to the internet. We must give credit to Hannah Drennan who runs the video camera and the video production (laptop) which includes all the nice video title slides she creates …

Last but not least, we need a plan for our service. I am reminded of the old acting adage; If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage. Inside this plan several people work together to make sure the service flows and has the elements of worship, prayer, and teaching.